Monday, 8 October 2012

Video: Delta State Communities Flooding away, Oleh, Ozoro, Igbide,Uzere etc

Here is what i got from the adventure i went for in Delta State. Well according of what i am been told and i saw it with my own naked eye.
The worst attack of this flooding really affect every part of the community (Igbide) I recorded this video if our Government can see and know what we are really suffering in Delta State.

 This Flooding has not only put us Homeless but Hunger, we all know how it pains. I couldn't write much for this cos' am really tired risking myself from these communities, The IN and OUT of IGBIDE, OLEH, OZORO, UZERE,IRRI EMEDE, AND OLOROMORO is been block with Water and there is no speed boat,,
 I have to pay for a villager to take me out with canoe here is a photo me on the canoe.

Watch the short video and see how hot and desperate is Delta State Now.



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