Monday, 19 November 2012

A Night Guard Was Brutalized And Burnt To Death In Warri.

Omg what Warri is turning into? is this another Aluu murdering invasion or what?, not quite long a case just die down on 4 Uniport students who happen to be Ugonna, Ilyod, Tekana and Chidiaka  was brutal to death by a community (Aluu commmunity).
Well, This is a whole lot different case here, in this case, A night guard in the nearest town which happpen to be Agbor located in Delta State Nigeria, Were this twon brutalized this young Night guard (security) whose name is not mentioned yet, all because He accidentailly gun-down their brother.
More of the terrible story with more pictures after the cut.
The family of the gun down man took action and locate this young man, they did not only beat this young man but they brutalized him, burnt him to death and one of them is a worker in one nearby slaughter were he was in charge and he slaughter this young man into peices just like the way he do to animals he slaughter from the head to the two hands and to the two legs, you can also see what I mean in the pictures I took as envidence of this.
After all the brutalizing they took the head and hang it on the entrance of the town, before the police came and everybody around at as that time ran away not even me i both run for my own head, you know this our police of a thing, so i ran too.

but information reaching me that the crown were all gone remain the man that slaughter the young night guard, and the police men try to take him away to the station but they where unable to take him along as the man sleep on the floor and information reaching me said that at that time he slept on the ground he was heavy as an elephant that no one can lift him up.

Till now, We have not gotten to the root of the whole terrible incident more updates from this soon..


  1. Jesus christ is dis human being slaughter like an aminal like dis so? human being are so heartless oh my Jehovah

    1. hmm my sister i am telling you ooo

  2. bad minded human beings

  3. Hmm! The heart of men is desperately wicked. What have they achieved in this now?

  4. NA all this igbo side this kind thing dey happen, people are so cruel.....tofi akwa

  5. Terrible


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