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The Headmaster and Akpos Funny Joke

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headmasters%2Band%2Bakpos The Headmaster and Akpos Funny Joke

heheh i cant laff abeg i found this on the internet hope you will like it..
Hehehehehehe A man built a room with 250 blocks and later
turned it to a school, with him being the

Whenever his students offend him, he would tell
them to go and give the wall 50 punches. Two students (Musa and Akpors) offended him on a
day, after his orders, Musa started punching the
wall. He was crying heavily but the headmaster did not
tell him to leave until he finished the 50 punches.

He told Akpors to go and do like wise. Akpors: Rubbishhhhhh…… Headmaster: For saying that, it’s now 100 punches for you. Akpors: Nonsenseeeeee. Headmaster: Now 200 punches. Akpors went towards the wall, as he gave the wall a punch (gbooooo), a block fell down from the wall. Headmaster: What’s that??? Akpors: Nothing…Gbooooo (another block falls). Headmaster:
You can go and sit down. Akpors: That would be total injustice, Musa finished his punishment, I also want to finish my own…gboooo, gbooo, gboooo (blocks falling down).

 Headmaster(Red eyes): I SAID GO AND SIT DOWN. Akpors: That would be cheating on the other student…gbooo ,gboooo, gbooo (blocks falling down). Headmaster: Can’t I instruct you, am I not old enough to be your father? Akpors: For mentioning my fathers’ name, I’ve increased my punishment to 250 punches. The headmaster knelt down. Headmaster: My good son, take it easy, i know this building is already going down, but please pardon the foundation. *Should Akpors accept his apology or not?*


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