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Female Ritualist Set Ablazed

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woman%2Bburnt Female Ritualist Set Ablazed

An average woman suspected to be a ritualist was burnt recently opposite Adeyemi College of Education in Ondo State while she was alleged of kidnapping a young of 7years old when her mother raises alarmed against the woman which attracted a huge crowd of the general public as a result she was set ablazed by some aggrieved youths.

The victim according to eye witness said that she has involved in kidnapping four (4) children within the state capital and Ondo main town which was used for ritual purposed.
confirming the incidents, a source said that the decease was standing by the road while she was holding a toy baby designed with charm in her hand to attract the young one’s which could be used for ritual purposed.

Authoritative source recalled that another kidnapper was also apprehended when he was trying to kidnap a young boy long barrack road in Ondo West local government area of Ondo State when the young and old, including ex-military officials who call to the aid of the young boy revolted against the victim when he later transformed to the cat in order to make refuge for himself but with effort of the general public he was killed and equally burnt.

A reliable source closed to the Oba Adesida of Ondo state said that directive has been given to the general public stressing that any ritualist caught in the state should be killed immediately in other to place tension on the site of the ritualist across the state and Nigeria in general.


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