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Wife Baths Husband With Boiled Water

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hot%2Bwater Wife Baths Husband With Boiled Water

Seriously I don’t know what are women are feeling like this days, not quite long I wrote about Wife’s Lover Baths Husband To Death With Acid  Today is another terrible story again “Wife Baths Husband With Boiled Water”.  It was all pandemonium recently when Mrs. Mike Fineboy Llikori, a mother of two, allegedly bathed her divorced husband, Mr. Mike Uzondu with a raw acid. The divorced couple is natives of Aguata (Umuona) In Anambra State.

We gathered that trouble started when the mother of two was allegedly frequently disturbing Erube for upkeep of their two children.
According to eyewitness, Mrs Mike had on that fateful day gone to Mr. Mike and requested for money to provide the Children’s Christmas cloth, but the man had allegedly already bought it and gave it to her, but when she could not allegedly see means of collecting more money from the man, she allegedly arranged with her two brothers to go and inform Mike that the children are very sick and needed money for admission. But her inability to prove to her brothers that the children were sick led to a free-for-all-fight between her and her two brothers, during which the ex-husband intervened by separating the fight. Unknowingly to him, the ex-wife took boiled water which was on her neighbour’s outside kitchen and eventually poured it at him.
Mr. Joshua Uzondu, Younger brother to Mike, who spoke with source explained. “it was about  8.am on December 24, 2012. I was outside when I heard the lady and his brother ex-changing words. The next thing I saw was the two brothers of the lady. One was holding firewood, the other cutlass. The one with firewood had already tear his brother’s head, while the lady rushed to a corner of the neighouring house and  held a cup of hot boiled water unknowingly to me. She eventually poured it at my brother took her heels”.
Efforts made to hear from the other parties as at the time of this report proved abortive


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