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Linda Ikeji Weds Jim Iyke- Hot or Not?

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jim%2Bikye%2Bweds%2Blinda%2Bikeji Linda Ikeji Weds Jim Iyke  Hot or Not?

What do you think about this two?, Iols their marriage will ever be best so far on the Entertainment Industry here in 9ja, Popular Nigeria Nollywood actor Jim Iyke Weds Nigeria Popular Former Model, Blogger Linda Ikeji, For sure!!!?. (ask me again).

(lol) According to source Jim has been hide dating Linda Ikeji for a very long time, which  they seems to be Secret Lovers :P, All those HIT ME & HIT YOU, Jim and linda was exchanging on leading micro niche site Twitter, were all lies they were actually sharing feelings and love message but in a different language leading to a different understanding, (More To Say), Jim Iyke could not hold his feelings anymore, yet he had no other option than to hit the young lady of the recent SIX PACK Pictures Linda Ikeji posted on her noble Blog.

Linda%2BIkeji%2Bweds%2BJim%2BIyke Linda Ikeji Weds Jim Iyke  Hot or Not?

(lols) Seriously Come to think of base on tradition, this two will make a couples in future just saying o!. going through their Hit me and Hit you love games on twitter,.. I Affirmed very soon you will see, Nigeria Popular Blogger Linda Ikeji Weds Nigeria Popular Nollywood Actor Jim Iyke ( this one would not be secretly but Open Road and End Of Discussion) Honda!!, 


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