Linda Ikeji Weds Jim Iyke- Hot or Not?

Chic Benita

Love you guys.. Just About to give you the latest

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15 Responses

  1. Nigeria News says:

    Perfect match :P lols Ogus

  2. Anonymous says:

    jim go beat am die oo

  3. Warri Girl says:

    congratulations oo Linda but na dia u carry ur mata go? consider ur face to be having 5inch wound everyday

    • Warri Girl says:

      Like seriously, I am surprised to see impersonator Warri Girl here again and commenting. Guys know the difference with the blogger sign. I am Warri Girl, the owner of the blog “Life of a Warri Girl” at , so you know the difference when I comment. Oh and I love Linda Ikeji a lot.

  4. Anonymous says:

    hmmm na troble u dey find so oo sir Ogus baba

  5. Blessing says:

    hahahahahahah so dem be secret lover abi? Ogus baba God don catch dem

  6. Anonymous says:


  7. Rita says:

    seriously dis combination make brain ogus baba but hmm jim iyke u go promise say u non go beatup d babe o

  8. Naija news says:

    i no trust this story jare

  9. James Melbin says:

    I dont know Jim ugly this much. Choi!

  10. Naija Today says:

    Dear Author you need to work on your grammar. I could barely read this.

    It won’t be bad if they got married, at least she can dash me her blog and pay more attention to Jim and the kids lol

  11. Nice anf funny try, but you seem to rush the story…else those avoidable grammatical errors…

  12. BonkoINC says:

    Hmmmm ogus …turned merlin

  13. Anonymous says:

    lmao perfect combo lmao injury

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